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My summer romance just left for college and saying goodbye was soo hard…literally during the kissing goodbye I found out how hard it was if you know what I mean 😳🍌 anyways that lasted like 10 minutes and he didn’t wanna leave but I made him because he had to be on campus at a certain time lol ugh another person I care about leaving me and I don’t know when I’m going to see him again 😭
Big fight with my dad today, usual stuff. He’s not doing the shit he said he would and he makes me feel like it’s my fault and I’m putting him through so much. Like stop. So I told him I don’t feel like he loves me and he got super offended and in turn made me feel worse about myself by calling me rude and disrespectful and ugh I hate him and I hate my life and oh it’s my moms birthday
Don’t // Ed Sheeran ❤️🎧😍 #songoftheweek
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Ride the wave where it takes you 🌊 #art #myedit #photography #nature #love
Part of the reason why I tell no one about my problems anymore 👌 #truth #real #society #people #fucksociety
I’m totally Lilo like it’s not even funny😱😱 

No but seriously I’ve decided to only come on this account when u need to vent. The point of this account was to help people but I haven’t helped anyone in months so now my followers can hear about my problems lol I’ll probably be deleting soon anyways bc I’m finding less and less of a use for it…hopefully today won’t be as awful as yesterday! #vent #rant #myaccount #followme #maybenot #lol (at suicidal af)
The only person I feel the closest thing to love for is my sister. That scares me because someone told me he loved me…and well I think he’s kinda just caught up in the feels bc we’ve been friends for years and he really likes me and we’ve been talking for days…I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to say I love him and mean it when it comes down to it, because that’s not something I believe in. I don’t feel like another person can love me ever, I’m not anything worth loving. And there’s another guy with a really big crush on me and he’s a little younger but I feel like I see myself with him too. I don’t even know I’ve never had this problem before I’m about to just pick no one and die 😭😭😭🔫 (at suicidal af)
Yesterday was a horrible day. I was literally shaking from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. There was a point where I couldn’t even be near my phone, or people and I almost ended it. I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe but I hid it all in the shower so I give myself points for that. Honestly I don’t even know exactly what was wrong. I missed people I haven’t thought about in a while, and I would give anything just to talk like old times and see how they’re doing. Also, it was the 2 month mark of when my grandfather passed and I spent the day with my grandmother but she sometimes makes me feel better. And I live in that town where that 1 year old baby was stabbed, there was also a car accident last night with people I know and just the world is too stressful for me right now I just want to die so bad 😭🔫 (at suicidal af)
She might have let you hold her hand in school, but I will show you how to graduate 👌#bangbang 

Possibly covering this song this week❤️